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PawPup is an application concept where dog owners can build a profile that fits their dogs personalities and needs, then match with other pups nearby to meet up for puppy playdates.



Qualitative & Quantitative



Key insights &

Problem defined



Sketches, Wireframes, Prototype



Low/High-Fidelity Prototype



User Persona & User Findings

Based off information found through various interviews, we created our user persona, and found the specific demographic of potential app users to be individuals under 40 who are looking to create meaningful relationships for themselves and their furry friends!

Surveys & User Insight

Through survey research, we found the main concerns to be potential "cat-fishing" and violence from other dogs. They looked forward to the idea of consistency and new puppy friends.

User Flow

We opted to make the app as fun and easy as possible, with simple swipe-navigation. Mirroring Tinder's "swipe-right" feature for a match, we wanted to recreate the excitement that comes from matching with another user.

UX Problem & User Hypothesis

Dog owners want an application that allows them to connect with other dog owners who want to meet up and have puppy playdates. We hypothesized that the PawPup mobile application would result in a. user-friendly network for dog owners.

Style Guide

Bright oranges and vibrant blues alongside the chunky Poppins font worked together the create the friendly and welcoming feeling we experience with our pets!

Sketches & Wireframes

We included a quick onboarding process and sign up process as well as a mobile verification to ensure a seamless and easy experience for the user.

High-Fidelity Prototype

After series of testing, we were able to iterate on the high-fidelity prototype. We kept most of the processes the same but added some coaching and the options to choose preferences and goals for you and your dog before completely entering the app

Low-Fidelity Prototype

We created wireframes based off our user flow and research. It begins with a signup/login screen, then flows into the swipe onboarding process, followed by the option to create your profile, then swipe to potentially match and chat with other users to set up puppy playdates!

Click here for the full case study presentation.

To view the full prototype, click here.

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